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No Planeta B joins CLIMATE NEUTRAL NOW and pledges to Measure, Reduce and Offset its Scope 1, 2 & Travel emissions (Scope 3) through UN certified emissions.

"As the Paris Agreement goes into effect, we are excited to participate with CLIMATE NEUTRAL NOW in reducing, measuring, and offsetting our Carbon Footprint through their program while leading with exemplary actions demonstrating Climate Action is a responsibility for all. We hope to see more organizations take an active role in measuring, reducing and offsetting their impact as part of their social responsibility agenda and action plans. By joining, we are making public our sincere efforts to walk our talk while catalyzing climate action initiatives around the world that get us closer to the future we all want because there is no planet B’. Yoca Arditi-Rocha, Executive Director -No Planet B

No Planeta B will also participate by offering their greenhouse gas inventory measurement and reduction plan services to other institutions that want to participate in the program and become carbon neutral. For more information check out Climate Neutral's Page here.

About No Planeta B –

No Planeta B is an environmental sustainability consultancy with an advocacy core that specializes in reducing the carbon footprint of small/medium enterprises and academic institutions. Our services include greenhouse gas inventories, strategic reduction plans, energy efficiency, green building & LEED certification, sustainability reporting, green/sustainable events management and production among others. But because we believe education is the most powerful weapon to change the world, we promote environmental stewardship and education with several awareness campaigns throughout the year that advocate for clean energy and clean air. Additionally, we catalyze change with leadership climate change trainings like the U CLIMATICA, a nonprofit initiative that trains and empowers college level youth to become climate leaders in Latin America and initiatives like our CUT THE RED TAPE! Project: an international collaboration of schools around the world seeking to reduce their carbon footprint by engaging their stakeholders (staff, students & parents) to take mitigation actions. No Planeta B participates as an active member of civil society in the negotiations of the Framework Convention of the United Nations Climate Change, UNFCCC and has partnered with several organizations to bring voices-to-action with different advocacy campaigns asking governments to Act-On-Climate. For more, visit

About Climate Neutral Now-

Climate Neutral Now is part of the UNFCCC and is intended to help more individuals and organizations measure, reduce and offset their climate footprints.

The initiative includes a new online platform that anyone can use which makes it easy to quickly select from a range of UN verified emissions reductions for offsetting. It also links to organizations that can provide businesses with climate footprint measurement and reduction advice and support. All of the projects providing offsets through the new online platform contribute to sustainable development in the developing world as well as reducing global emissions.

For more information contact:

Nora Hurtado Castillo

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