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No Planet B participates in culinary event recycling food items from EXPOALIMENTARIA fair to raise F

PHOTO: Our Team above & final touches made by Chef Palmiro Ocampo and No Planet B director, Yoca Arditi-Rocha.

On Friday we participated in an event in conjunction with the Food Bank of Peru, B-Green, Cambia.Pe and Recycling Culinary Ccori where 61.7Kgs of food items were rescued that would otherwise would have been discarded at the end of EXPOALIMENTARIA fair. Peruvian chef, Palmiro Ocampo from Bistro 1087, recycled it into 300 perfect dishes of culinary art. Our executive director, Yoca Arditi-Rocha, spoke about the environmental impact around food waste as

it generates large amounts of emissions that cause climate change; uses large amounts of resources (water, soil, energy, etc.) to be produced while there are still millions of people who suffer from hunger and food insecurity worldwide. In Peru alone, 2 million people are food insecure and about 7 million tons of food are lost or wasted annually. We must be more efficient and do more with less. We have no planet B!


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